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My POV: I was struggling as hard as I could, but Kuffley was too strong! Monster ran over to Kuffley.  "Uncle Kuffley! Please my child go!" Monster begged. "Your Child!? Monster, I don't know what this thing has told you, but don't listen to it! It's a low life creature!" Kuffley said. "That "Low Life Creature" is MINE!! And you won't take her AWAY FROM ME!!" Monster nearly roared. Kuffley only stood there. . . and then chuckled a bit, and patted his head. "Glad to see you're working on your Roar Attack. It's getting better. I almost thought you were actually challenging me-" right then, Monster, as loud as he could Roared in Kuffley's face, looking much bigger than him this time! "M-Monster, you're scaring me." I whimpered, shivering. Robot went up to monster, and tried to calm him down. "Monster, calm down. We'll see her again. We WILL get her out of this mess. We WILL help her. And we WILL get her back. . . And she WILL live." Robot said. Monster, still angry looking, stepped down, but Growled at Kuffley, who was actually stunned for quite some time. He snapped out of it and took me along, but stopped and turned to monster. "Even if you could beat me, this thing would still be hunted down." Kuffley said as he walked away. I looked back as we walked. . . god I wish I didn't. . . I shouldn't have looked back. . . All I could see was dad-. . . Monster crying, as Robot was trying to comfort him. "I couldn't protect her. . ." Monster sobbed.
Cuffed to this giant Fish Monster, I couldn't help but at least try and converse with him. Maybe try and ease my way through this mess and help Monster. "Kuffley. . . " I said quietly. "What?" He snapped. ". . . I'm sorry I hurt you. . . I was scared. . ." I said. Kuffley kept silent for a bit. ". . . Well. . . we were scared too. . ." Kuffley said lowly. ". . . but you're still a thing." he added. "But I'm not a thing, I'm a human." I said. "Well Human, Alien, whatever, you're dangerous!" He snapped again. "But you don't even know me! You can't judge someone for their loo-" "You better watch yourself, before you get in more trouble, human!" Kuffley snapped. So I kept silent. . . I tried to stay calm. . . but then I started thinking about things. . . like my home. . . my Grandparents. . . My friends. . . how I'll never see them again. . . because I'm being taken prisoner by these scary robots and monsters! And this big Fish thing is yelling at me! I tried not to cry. . . I really did. . . but I started spilling out tears again! "what?? Kid are you crying?? Come on! Quit your crying, you'll wake up the whole town!" Kuffley growled. I could barely hear him over my sobs. "K-Kid, come on, seriously, stop crying, the zoo isn't that bad." He said. I fell on my knees and began sobbing harder. I don't think I was ever this heart broken. Kuffley just stood there above me, watching me cry. "Kid, you're not making this easy, you're making it harder than it has to be!" He mumbled. "You're making a scene!" He Added. ". . . Kid. . ." He said. " . . . I-I w-want to go ho-home! . . . please le-let me g-go home! . . ." I sobbed. Kuffley sighed and kneeled down to me, and I felt him patting my back. "Kid. . ... you really are just a kid. . ." Kuffley picked me up. "Don't cry, kid. Do anything, but cry. Because you won't get through this world crying a river, and giving up." Kuffley started drying my tears away. "I have to take you in, I don't have a choice. But you know what? You'll be fine. You'll be in court tomorrow, and I think you'll turn out innocent. And you'll see Monster again. But for now, you're going to be in the slammer. Maybe for tonight, this week, month, year. You'll get out sooner or later. They all do. . . " Kuffley growled silently. "Unfortunately, you'll be sharing a cell with the most dangerous criminal. . . Crikey. But fortunately you're a little girl. And he doesn't hit girls." Kuffley explained. "And kid? . . . I'm sorry for yelling at you. I'm sorry we crossed bad trails." He apologized. "I'm s-sorry I hurt you. . ." I sniffled, trying to calm down. "to be honest, you're tiny paws or. . . uh. . .? They could never hurt anyone. You're pretty weak, aren't you?" Kuffley asked. I nodded. "That, and I don't like to fight anyone. But there are lots of other humans who are probably as strong as some of the robots and monsters here." I said. "there are more of you?" Kuffley asked. I nodded again. "Where?" He asked. "Not here. I'm from another world. The Human World. In This world, I'm the only Human." I said. ". . . Sounds like you've been through some whacky stuff, kid!" he chuckled. "well. . . being chased by a big fish monster, and being hunted down by plenty of other robots and monsters would be part of my whacky adventure." I smiled a little. Kuffley chuckled. "OK, you humans are kinda cute, I'll admit it." Kuffley laughed and then sighed. "Jeez, You're just like Monster! You're like his little kid." Kuffley smiled. "hmm. . . so does that make you my. . . Grunkle Kuffley?" I asked. "Grunkle?" Kuffley asked. "Well, since I'm basically Monsters adoptive child, that would make you a grandpa. But you're also an Uncle. So Grunkle!" I giggled. ". . . . . That's UNCLE to you, kiddo." Kuffley growled slightly, but ruffled my hair, making me giggle some more. Sooner or later, we finally made it to the police station, where I was put in my cell. All the Monster Cops were surrounding the bars and taking pictures of me! Talking about me! And pointing at me! I didn't like this feeling! I wanted them to go away! I crawled into a little ball, trying to hide myself from the flashy camera lights. For some reason, this was the scariest thing I had ever gone through! Suddenly I heard a loud bang! "OI! LEAVE IT ALONE!" I heard an Angry Australian voice yell. I looked up to see Crikey! "Can't you blokes tell it's been through ENOUGH?!" Crikey growled. And just like that, The monsters fled away. Crikey walked over to me. "Are you alright?" Crikey asked. I didn't answer. "It's alright, they're gone now. . ." He said, patting my back. "Don't be scared, is this you're first time in the brink? Well, you'll be fine. I'm the biggest criminal around here, and I've been here hundreds of times. You'll get out eventually- " "I didn't do anything wrong." I mumbled. "eh? What was that-" "I didn't do ANYTHING WRONG! The only reason I'm here, is because I'm human! I don't have wings, a tail, horns, or fur or fangs! And I don't have Metal shiny skin, super strength, or any of those things! I'm Human! And that's my crime! I'm Human! ....

🎶I'm Only Human, yet it's my crime.
Oh-o can you tell me why?
Is it because we don't have the same eyes?
because you see differently than I?
No I don't have the smartest brain,
Listening to me talk can drive you insane,
And as I continue to sing,
Are you even listening?

I'm Only Human, yet it's a crime.
Oh-o can you tell me why?
I was a human in disguise,
So I could fit in with you tonight.
But when I took off my mask,
you ran out in a flash,
what was it I did so bad,
besides being Human?

I know it's hard to except a bit of change,
but should that drive you insane?

I'm Only Human, yet it's a crime.
Oh-o can you tell me why?
Why I cry,
all these tears,
tell me why I am here!
I am not strong, I am not smart,
But do you have to tear me apart,
I can only do so much!
Only do so much. . .
For me that's apart of being Human!
Cause I'm Only Human!
Only Human!
. . . Only Human. . .🎶

I finished singing. Crikey only stood there crying as with all the rest of the criminals. Even some cops were crying. . .

Robots POV: Me and Monster went home. . . after Kuffley took Madison. . . I was making bacon for dinner. . . Monsters favorite. "Hey buddy. The bacons ready." I called out gently. Poor Monster really needed a friend. "Oh, I'll set the table." He said as he slowly got up, and headed to the kitchen. When I was done seasoning the bacon, I turned around and saw monster had set 3 plates on the table. "Monster? Um. . . You set 3 plates on the table." I said. Monster looked down. "O-Oh. .  I did. . ." Monster chuckled quietly. He formed his normal smile on his face for me, trying to hide his sadness. Trust me, I knew what he was doing. I sighed. "Monster, you don't have to pretend to be happy for me." I said. "What? I just m-made a silly mistake. . . that's all!" Monster stammered, still keeping his fake smile. "Monster. . . don't hide it. . ." I said. Monster just kept smiling. . . then that smile lowered. . . and lowered. . . "She'll be back soon, won't she? Her food will get c-cold. . ." Monster stammered, starting to get teary eyed now. "Monster. . ." I said. He still desperately kept his smile, now dropping tears. Finally he collapsed on the table, sobbing. "Pl-Please come back M-Maddy!" Monster begged. I came and hugged Monster, gently petting him. I hate to see him like this. And to tell the truth. . . I missed Maddy too. If she were here, she'd put that smile back on Monsters face again. . . That's why I have to do everything I can, and fight to get her back. We don't just want her. . . We NEED her.
RnM: Creature Feature. . . Ch 8. (FEELS!!!)
So here we are. . . Sad mcFeels train is here. Who wants some tickets?

Robot and Monster are NOT MINE!
Fanfic IS MINE!

Things will pick up soon. . . you just gotta hang onto hope!

P. S. Only Human is MY SONG.
What do you think?
  Satoshi's POV: I woke up a little more well rested as usual. My bed felt more. . . softer. . . wait this wasn't my bed. I looked to see I was in a different house, and saw that Kuffley was sleeping next to me! "O-Oh my..." I thought to myself as I looked under the blankets. Fortunately, Me and Kuffley both still had our clothes on! I sighed in relief and stood up. I was so Surprised! Kuffley hadn't made a single inappropriate move on me! Most men, would try to get me to. . . "play" . . . with them. Sure, he's hot headed, stubborn man, But Kuffley is so respectful! he's a kind man, and I love him so. I think I found the right one. I decided to go to his kitchen and fix us something for breakfast. I imagine he begins his day at work this morning, and I want him to be fed. I could use something to. I'll burn off the calories later with yoga. (Yep, some white girl Satoshi right here! XD) As I was cooking, I heard Kuffley yawning, and he stumbled in the kitchen, and smiled tiredly at me. "morning Sat's." He yawned again. I smiled, turning off the fire of the burner, for the bacon was cooked, and served it on the table, ready to eat. I prefer Sushi, but this is fine as well. "Thanks, Sat's." Kuffley smiled, sitting next to me. As we were eating, I decided to sit a little closer to him, then before I knew it, he scooted closer to me too.Soon we just couldn't scoot any closer towards each other. Kuffley seemed to be silent this morning. Suddenly I felt his paw, wrap around my claw. I looked up at him, who was looking down at me. I couldn't help but smile and blush, he made me feel so warm inside. That's when I realized that feeling was my Heart steaming and pounding. . . again. I tapped my heart and took calm deep breaths in order to stop it from burning next. The doctor says I should always be careful with my emotions and feelings. . . especially Love. "uh. . . hey kid?" what's up with your heart?" Kuffley asked. ". . . " I didn't really want to talk about it. I didn't want to worry him. Luckily Kuffley could tell this and pardoned the subject and moved on to another. "So. . . uh. . . what's Japan like?" Kuffley asked nervously, obviously trying to change the subject. I smiled. "Japan is a wonderful place. Filled with good people. Robotics and Monsters who are wise and peaceful." I wrote. "Sounds like you had it good, kid. why'd you leave?" He asked. I'm not one for lying, but I could never tell him the truth about coming here to cure my condition. "I felt the need to explore the world. Meet new people. Find and discover new things, new robots, and new monsters. The Robots and Monsters in America are more bigger and strongly built than in Japan." I said. "heh, so I guess they couldn't handle these guns?" Kuffley smirked as he flexed his muscles. And I must say, he may be a little husky, but he's very bold and strong looking! He honestly turned me on for a few seconds. . . And I think he noticed! "oh? you like what you see?" Kuffley smirked. I blushed but smiled. "Maybe" I wrote. Kuffley wrapped an arm around me, and pulled me in close to him. "I sure like what I see." He winked at me. I blushed again. Had I heard it before? Of course I have, but coming from Kuffley, it's like I never heard them before and all his pick up lines were cute and flattering. I suddenly had an idea of my own. In Japan, we had treats called Pockys, which are a type of cookie. I've seen couples share one from both ends and slowly eat towards the middle and kiss. I took a piece of  bacon, and bit into one end and pointed the other to Kuffley. At first Kuffley was confused, but soon got the message. "heh, never knew you had a flirty side." Kuffley chuckled before biting the other end. We both started nibbling closer and closer towards the middle, and stopped once we inched each others faces. Then Kuffley immediately gave me a flirtatious look and kissed me. I kissed back, resting my hands on his chest, as he pulled me in closer. Oh my, he was such a romantic kisser! We pulled away from each other, blushing brighter. "heh heh. . . .!! What time is it?? Oh sheesh! I gotta go to work!" Kuffley then rushed out the door. I giggled and began to wash our dishes, when suddenly I felt another kiss, from Kuffley, on my cheek. "I love ya Sat's! See ya later!" Kuffley said before pecking my lips and running off. I smiled, drying the dishes and putting them away. After I was done, I went out to my usual spot on my free day. The Park. It was very peaceful. I loved seeing the children at play, the birds chirping, and the flowers blooming, especially in the morning. What I dislike is men always gathering around me, trying to make me their "Toy". And I figured it would be a great day to play "Robin Hood". The stray dogs just had puppies the other day.

Kuffley's POV: I was really running late! I wish I could have had more time to talk with Sat's I really hope I see him again today. I sat down at my desk, thinking long and hard about Satoshi. I've never felt this way before. Not about anyone! But with Satoshi, I feel it. And I want to keep that feeling forever and never lose it! Now I know what my brother Lev meant about Love. . . because for the first time. . . I'm feeling it. Sat's ain't some dumb braud, I know that, he's just so. . . he's kinda the girl I've always dreamed about? . . . I don't know if that makes sense but. . . That's kinda how I feel for him. I just couldn't stop thinking about him. . . "Hey!" someone yelled, making jump out of my seat and drop hard on the floor. I looked up to see the chief! "Kuffley! You home? Wake up! You're doing patrol, today!" He said. "huh-oh!" I swiftly picked myself up. "Get a move on! justice doesn't provide itself!" The Chief scolded me. With that, I ran out and hopped in my police blimp. I wonder who I'd throw in the slammer today. . . I wonder if I'd see Sat's today. . .

Satoshi's POV: I had successfully. . . "borrowed". . . some things from the pet store, and I could now feed those newborn pups and their mother. They all must me so hungry. I hope this will be enough to feed them all. Then after they're fed, I was going to try and sell them to those who may want to adopt a puppy around town. They all deserve a home. . . and I refuse to have the pound have their hands on them, what a terrible resort. I had reached an ally way, and found Martha and her 4 little pups. I whistled and they all can running to me, knowing I had food for them. They were all so adorable and sweet! I smiled, pouring the dog food in a bowl for them to eat out of, and they swarmed all around it like a pack of. . . dogs, of course. Martha sat next to me and licked my face as I patted her gently on the back. I forgot to mention, they were all golden labs. And I had myself a little plan if I didn't sell any puppy's today for the 5th time. Golden Labs can make great police dogs. So I figured if I don't give them a owner, I can still gibe them a home in the force. They'll be warm, fed, watered. they'll have everything. And they'll all stay together. as for Martha, she usually stays with me in my abandoned home. She's a very very great Mother, Company, and Friend. There were 3 male pups, and 1 female pup. There names were Sam, Sora, Seth, and little Saika, named after a very colorful flower. As soon as they were all done eating, I made my way to try and sell the Pups, hoping to give them a loving home.

Kuffley's POV: I was driving around, doing my daily patrol. wrote a few tickets, here and there. The usual. One guy was going really fast! He was going crazy up in the high skies, like a complete nut! "Try and find another way to become a shooting star without causing a wreck, will ya?" I said, writing him the ticket. He just growled and moved along. What a guy, huh? Anyway, I couldn't help but doze off. A lot of excitement gets an old fish tired. . . and thirsty, I might need to drink some water soon. I started dreaming about something. . . I was dreaming of being in my Office all cozy. . . And then I heard a familiar voice from behind me. I turned around to see Satoshi in his regular cell who was singing with his beautiful voice. And his outfit was even different too! Very Different! He was wearing a long Purple dress, that reminded me of Roger Rabbits wife, Jessica. And his hair was almost styled like hers too, but shorter. He looked so beautiful and precious. . . As he  sang, he beckoned me to come over to the bars, Seducing me strongly. I slowly walked up to the bars and right when I got to him, the door opened by itself! Satoshi walked over to me, rubbing my cheek, still singing beautifully. Out of my control, I pulled him in closer to me, and we both slowly leaned in to kiss. But right before we did, I heard the chief burst in! I turned to him and jumped, because he was 8 times bigger than me! "Kuffley! You idiot! Cops can't Date criminals! let alone date a Minor! You're going to have to choose! You're career! Or that shameful display of a man!" He said. Oh jeez! Not this! Anything but this! "Y-You can't make me answer that!" I stammered. "I can! And I Will!" Chief snapped. Then Satoshi, in his normal attire, wrote the word "Choose" on a big sign! And was now the same size as the Chief! Suddenly, I found myself on a plat form really high up! And they both were yelling at me to choose! I saw that there was a pool below me and I knew what I had to do! So I jumped off the platform, ready to dive in that pool! And right when I landed, I had woken up screaming! . . . and I felt wet. I looked down to see that my cup of water had spilled all over my pants! ". . . . why my pants of all places??" I sighed. What a dream. . . that really got me thinking. If anyone finds out about me and Sat's, I'll be a goner! I have to do my best and keep my love secret! I just hope Sat's understands. . . I love him too much to lose him. . . but I also need to keep my job. . . otherwise who else as strong and brave as I am, is going to protect the city?
RnM: Arrested Hearts. . . Ch.3
Kuffley is NOT MINE!
Satoshi IS MINE!
Robot and Monster is NOT MINE!

So Kuffley had a nightmare. Between his life, and his love life. What a dream. More will be coming soon. Sorry if the grammar is probably wonky, I was too lazy to re-read it. XD but I hope you guys like this! Bye bye! 😄😄😄

And yeah, I used your Jessica Rabbit Attire in this story, Lizlovestoons12. I thought it fitted nicely with Kuffley's dream! XD

P.S. yeah, Sat's has a dog. 😊
Bad Boy  by MyHopesAndDreams15
Bad Boy
So here is the lovely Genderbent Elmer (Ellie), and Genderbent Ruby (Rooney). I hope that Ellie is alright. I'm not very great at lizards. 😅 anyway, aren't they cute? There ship name is Relmy. . . or in this case in the genderbent world, Relley. I hope the creator of Elmer, and Ellie, #Shenanistorm likes this. And I hope they don't mind me shipping these two. It's really not my choice, I should have asked first. Sorry if you don't approve. If you wish, I'll take it down, but for now, here you go. 😅😅😅

Also, see that little doodle on the top left corner? That's my symbol for all the art pieces. Can you guess where I got it from? I'll give you a hint: "think of all my dreamlord characters." . . . lol I never do secrets, this symbol is based off my characters (dawn) marking upon his forehead. It resembles the sun, and resembles hope for the most part. Tell me what you think in the comments below. 😉😉😉 Roonie is mine. Ellie is NOT mine.
OK Guys! In 2 more days it'll be my 15th birthday! So this is a Birthday RP that I'd actually like to do. But you don't have to if you don't want to, I just thought it'd be fun! ^^; This could take place in a lot of fandoms I reassure you. But one rule: it's birthday based. Cause I mean this is kinda a Birthday RP! XD So wanna RP? :3


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my name is Maddy, I love to draw and make stories! I
like to chat with people on here (and people at school I'm not a weirdo LOL) I like to do requests for people, and listen to there ideas. a lot of the people on here are very friendly. no pervs or jerks! yay! now for the stuff you don't care about! :D
my fave food is nearly EVERYTHING in sight!
I love ALL cartoons! (especially regular show! X3)
as you can see I sort of draw in an anime kind of way... yet I don't exactly watch anime too much but I like the style... LOL I'm weird... but I'm also sensitive to what people say to me. my feelings get hurt pretty easily.... :( but even if my feelings get hurt, I don't say anything though. I'm a wuss. lol.


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